Never ending honeymoon?

Good afternoon ! My son who is 10 now was diagnosed with type one April of 2016… he was on insulin for 4 months and then came off because he was having many lows . He has currently been off insulin for almost a full year. Docs all say honeymoon. We is very active and eats very healthy which I assume is helping . Has anyone experienced anything g like this ? His a1c is 5.8. He also tested positive for 2 antibodies . We go back to endo Friday . Are there any questions I should be asking or just assume honeymoon ? Tia

Hi @JacksArmy,

The first question I would ask, “Does Jack REALLY have Type One Diabetes?” Just because he is “juvenile” and his BGL and or HB A1c did not fall within some range does not necessarily mean he has the autoimmune condition known as T1D.

The second question I would ask is about his c-peptide levels; was that checked?

I’m not a medical doctor, but I have learned a few key points about diabetes. I am assuming that you are having him seen by the very best medical team in your area - second best isn’t good enough for your child.

Good Luck!!!

hi @jacksarmy Tia,

testing positive for antibodies isn’t a 100% picture, but it is a real indicator for future problems where his body may destroy insulin-producing cells.

Test often, that’s all I would do. Eating and exercising are great habits, but will not and cannot change an antibody attack on his islet cells if it is going to happen.

if his blood sugar is good all the time (65-99mg/dl before meals and 140mg/dl max after a meal) then there isn’t anything else to do. may it last forever and good luck.