Neuropathy Medicines

Hi everyone,

I just started using a new medication for neuropathy and am wondering if anyone is using the same thing, gabapentin, or if you are using a different medicine. I don't have constant pains but enough discomfort that I decided it was time to discuss this with my endo dr.  He is starting me on the lowest dosage.  If you are using this rx, how are you feeling? Or if using a different rx, what are the benefits of that medication.

Any information/discussion would be helpful.



I've been on gaba for since 12.25.12. I have had about 50% relief. I don't know if it's realistic to get closer to 100% relief. I have an appt with my endo next week and plan to explore that. Since you've been on gaba about the same amount of time, what has your experience been?

FYI, in addition to gaba I starting taking ALA (alpha lipoic acid) 200 mg 3x/day in early March. Some research claims it can help.

Just curious, were you on any neuropathy meds prior to gaba? It sounds like you probably were not.