Need to gain weight

Hi. I am 40 years old and was diagnosed almost three years ago. I am 100 pounds and that has always been my normal weight even before diabetes. I am having a problem controlling my blood sugars because I need to eat enough to at least stay 100 pounds. Does anyone have any meal suggestions? I have talked to a nutrition but it was no help. My numbers are everywhere because I’m not sure how to eat right to gain weight. I have six boys and I would like to get this under control so I feel good enough to keep up with them.


Ive been in your situation before and am actually having the same problem right now. Severly underweight. What I can tell you is, the most important thing to do first is get your blood sugars under controll. It doesn’t matter what you’re eating… if you bloodsugars aren’t good it wont matter. So, things that are good and healthy that will help you gain weight when you’re numbers are where they should be are:
anything with protein! lots and lots of protein.
nuts, cheese, meats. you can also make protein shakes. There’s lots of stuff. Just google good source of protein and you will see.
I hope this helped a little!

Thank you for responding to my post. Would you mind telling me what kinds of food you eat for breakfast? I can eat the same thing for breakfast and be fine for a week and then the next week spike so high for no reason. I have the pump which is supposed to help control but it doesn’t help me. I’m not eating any cakes cookies or anything with a lot of sugar.

I was also underweight. I lost a lot of weight before diagnosis and lost more due to gagging and regurgitation from acid reflux. Prescription strength Prilisec took care of the stomach problems. My CDE recommended snacking on low carb foods such as nuts, avocado and cheese. I supplemented with protein shakes. I am now mid range BMI for my height. Good luck!

I’m sorry your nutritionist wasnt helpful. Perhaps you can find another one. If you find the right one, it could be extremely helpful. Mine has been imperative in helping me understand what to eat to stay in good control.

Are you eating 100% whole grains? Pair those with protein or fats to help minimize blood sugar spikes. I also ate other foods with low glycemic index such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. I got a cheap food scale and measured everything so I knew exactly how much insulin to take.

For breakfast you could eat oatmeal (try oat revolution classic flavor) with some nuts and cinnamon or strawberries and cottage cheese or whole wheat toast with peanut butter or eggs or avocado etc. For lunch, sandwich with whole wheat bread or flatbread, salad with black beans or chick peas as carbs. For dinner, whole wheat pasta or brown rice with protein and veggies. For snacks, late July chips or sun chips, popcorn, fresh berries and nuts, KIND bars, full fat siggi’s yogurt, hummus and veggies.For dessert at night, Haagen dazs ice cream (high fat content causes slower absorption of sugar and minimal blood sugar spikes).

Also when are you taking your bolus in relation to when you eat? If you can, take it 10-20 min before you eat to give the insulin time to kick in.

Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. I will try all of your suggestions.

Hi there, I think you need to eat fatty food.