Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum

Has anyone been diagnosed with ????Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum? My teenager daughter had what the doctors where treating as a rash for two years. I finally gave up and demanded a referal to the dermatology doctor. Within 1 min of being in her office she knew what it was and told me that she had a 90% feeling that my daughter was diabetic. (May 2011) We met with her two weeks later on a wednesday and by friday morning we where admitted into Oakland's Children's hopsital for a 5 night stay. We found that she is type 1 with 20% of the necessary production of insulin. 

I wanted to see if anyone had success with any treatments etc.

I'm sorry about your daughter's recent diagnosis.  When either of you have questions be sure to check here.  People are really knowledgeable and there are a lot of teens.

I was developed a ????Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum on my shin when I was about 10.  At that point I'd had diabetes 6 years.  For a long time it was dark red and shaped like Italy.  People usually thought it was a burn from a motorcycle exhaust pipe or some kind of scrape.  It's actually provided a good way for me to tell people I'm diabetic.  

Over the years the shape has blobbed out and it's gotten veiny and lighter in color.  I wasn't self conscious about it when I was younger, but stopped wearing shorts a few years ago when it got veiny.  

As a kid I had steroid injections around the perimeter but they were incredibly painful and didn't help the spot at all.  I've seen other posts online from people who had success with steroids or with newer laser treatments.  

????Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum happens in diabetics and a few non-diabetics.  The skin is more fragile there and doesn't heal well... still have a scar on mine where I got kicked playing soccer as a kid.  

Guess they're fairly unusual.  When I was in the hospital after giving birth to my son, one of the doctors noticed I had it and I became instantly popular with the interns who'd read about them in med school but hadn't seen one in real life.  

Take care.  -Jenna

Oh yes i know what you mean. In our stay at the children's hospital when first diagnosed we had a little over 30 dr's come in to check out her super cool rash as they where calling it.

She has it all over both legs pretty severe. I was showing her a facebook group I found last night and some of the pictures from memebers had it worse than her's. I told her now see if you don't do the creams twice a day it can turn alot worse for you and might even become painful.

Not sure if your daughter's is like mine, but mine has never been affected by medications, better blood sugar control or anything else.  My "spot" as I call it kind of does what it wants.  

Glad we can at least keep the doctors entertained. =]

Her's seems to have turned colors. I want to say not as raw looking since being on insulin and with the medication. Of course it's not going away like she wants but we are working hard at controlling her numbers and trying to get as much information and treatment options on her legs as possible.

I've had it since I was 8. The scars have faded and are pretty much gone now. There are a couple other threads on the about NLD. If you do a search you will be able to find some answers there as well.

Uhhh... When I typed "the" I meant to type "here". Cell phones are stupid.