My Sister; My hero; Fallen Sick =/

So when I was Diagnosed, my sister was the one to go get help. I couldn’t breathe and I could not move. She saved me and she is my hero.
Back in September, she became paralyzed from the waist down. In about November, after being hospitalized for three month’s she came home in a wheel chair.
About 2 weeks latter, she fell out in a Grand Mal seizure.
She is able to walk now, but she still has seizures. And No One knows whats wrong.
I am soo scared and I feel like the answer is right in front of me but im blinded by emotional pain.
IDK what to do to cope with it. Im tired of her being rejected doctor after doctor, and of no answers.
Any ideas of what to do? =/

I don’t know where you live, but if local neurologists are stumped, have you checked to see if a visit to one of the Mayo Clinics would be possible? There are only a few, but if any group can uncover the issue, they could. Once she’s checked in they will put her through a whole itinerary of stuff with one specialist after another. They are amazing, they just managed to save the hand of my friend with a rare spinal virus.

Have you taken her to the hospital to see if she has the polio related enterovirus? Did the neurologists do a lumbar puncture and run fluid for multiple cultures? I agree with the other comment, the Mayo Clinic is the place to be with diseases that are stumping all of the doctors.