My Dario

Hi. We just ordered the Dario meter for our son. The first time he used it, we had him test from the same drop of blood on his current meter. There was a 25 point difference which is a half unit of insulin for my son. Does anyone have any experience with the Dario? Thank you

@countrymom71 hi Tina

All meters. All of them are +/- 25 % accuracy above 75 mg/dL if his reading was 200 it means his actual blood sugar is between 180 and 220 mg/dl (a spread of 40 mg/dl.)

25 difference is pretty good actually. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You are doing a great job.

Thanks. I feel like nothing is small with this dreaded disease.

I should be basing his insulin on the reading right?

I understand it’s hard and that you are frustrated, but calling it a “dreaded disease” will not help you or your child. Being angry at the disease won’t make it go away.

There are really bad diseases out there that are untreatable. Always keep that in mind.

@countrymom71. Yes Tina. Do the math and the insulin the same way.

I agree with Sal be careful of your reaction around your son. You know he needs an emotional rock and if you are angry and frustrated it’ll affect his self esteem and his ability to take over his own care in the very near future.

@Zale hey Sal. I get why parents hate it. It becomes the enemy threatening your kid.

I agree with everyone else. I’ve been type 1 for 64 years and one of the doctors I had way back in the dark ages told me that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, and he was right. Your son can do anything, he may have to prepare for it a little bit differently than someone else, but he can succeed at anything he wants. This is so not a dreaded disease, now cancer, MS, Parkinson’s those are bad ones, Diabetes can be managed, the others not really… I am sure you have been given the Gloom and Doom lecture that if you do this then tis is going to happen and how a really tight control is necessary, what I’ve learned in the last 64 years is " My body never read the instruction book" I treated my disease based on how I was feeling, what was low to me may be high to someone else, once you an your son learn what his body is trying to tell you, you will be better able to manage his diabetes according to what is correct for him, but right now don’t panic, you’ll have some scary times but it’ll be ok. Just pay attention to his numbers and how he is feeling, his numbers may be different…I was diagnosed at age 9 and have always been different. *****Important thing to rememberDO NOT MAKE HIM FEEL GUILTY IF HE MESSES UP OR don’t tell him how disappointed you are that he didn’t do it right. This is a major learning experience for all of you and the rules are really guidelines not carved n stone. My docs all agree with the last part. Keep in touch. Enjoy life and your son, it will all work out. Bye jan

I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I’ve been telling my son since day one that there are far worse things we could have been dealt. I think you all mistook my tone when I said dreaded. We don’t waste time asking why or getting frustrated over things we can’t control. I am extremely proud of my son for how he stepped up to handle this.