I'm soooo scared my mom thinks my cat might be diabetic too, and I think she's right. she's been peeing everywhere. Anyone have a diabetic pet that can give me some pointers???

Hi Paige, I don't have a diabetic pet but I have taken care of many of them. I believe all you have to do is get a simple blood test at the vet to see if she has it or not, so I would definately make an appointment with your vet asap. is your cat old or really fat?

Does she have any other symptoms?  She could have a UTI.  Many cats who have a UTI will not use their litter box but will go everywhere else.  One of mine won't use the litter box but will go on anything plastic, like plastic bags from the grocery store, when he has one.  Definitely take her to the vet to get checked out. 


Our family had a diabetic cat for several years.  We give him two shots a day.  I believe that the vet gave us a starting dose and we titrated it until his symptoms diminished.  Toby's coat always looked scruffy when his sugar was off and of course the constant drinking.  One thing to remember is that if your kitty's appetite changes, so will the insulin needs.  I once went away on a trip and my son was in charge of giving Toby his shots. He did not notice that the cat went on a hunger strike because of my being gone.  When I got home, the cat was stumbling into walls and did not look very good.  I gave him a syringe full of syrup, then another one.  We went to the vet hospital and  his blood sugar was under 20mg/dl.  I don't know what the normal range for cats is but I am guessing this was pretty low.  Toby recovered nicely and we learned a valuable diabetic cat care lesson.  Aside from this incident, it was pretty easy to care for him.

Best kitty wishes,


Not really fat or old. Just 4. Mostly sunbathes on the windowsill, and loooves to sleep. Other than that, she's peed just about everywhere except my room. We got her urine tested, and it came back negative. I'm starting to thing it's LILi, my other cat. She's 2. She's not as playful, and when I think about it, hasn't been covering her poo and pee in her box, and she sleeps a lot more.


Anyway again, thanks for all of your support,