Service dogs for diabetics

I just became very intrigued by the use of service dogs that detect low blood sugars! Has anybody here actually used one or know someone that has or does? In the last month i have been having issues with very low episodes and i am not getting any signs or symptoms til its to late. Or im getting signs after im starting to get my BS back up. My family is currently living at my in-laws so we arent able to get a dog but when we move in 11 months(im counting down the days! ) i am seriously considering a service dog!

Oh, this reminds me how my family used to have a cat who would actually bite my mother's toe every time I would get low blood sugar as a kid.  It was really quite incredible.

If you're able to find a pet like that (cat or dog), it's really nice to have!  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there are certain breeds better than others in either cats or dogs.  My cat who did that was just a generic domestic short hair with black and brown tabby patterns.  :)

HI Stephanie....there is an older forum about diabetes service dogs....but I don't know how to post it yet?  I am sure that if you do a search, you will find it!  Good Luck!

Thanks Angela, I found it! I keep doing that! posting a question amd then finding an older forum that already discussed it...i need to research my questions before i post! ;)