My 6 yr old

Im looking for for children who could be play mate for my child. He seems to be getting alone with his diagnosis and Im thinking if he had a friend who also has t1d he may begin to be happy again. He seems sad this year. He has been told things at school by other kids. Kids who notice his diabetes and all the talk and awareness I give doesnt seem to be helping. Any advice is appreciated

Hi! I think you’ve got a great idea. A friend with T1 can definitely help. When I was diagnosed, my mom talked to my school nurse to find out whether there were any other students at my school with T1; that’s a good place to start. I would also recommend the BeyondTypeOne Snail Mail program! It’s a great way to connect with other T1D kids. Give it a try!
Hope that helps :slight_smile: I’m 15 but if your son ever wants to Skype or FaceTime to chat about T1 or life in general, I’d be more than happy to do so. Email me at if you need anything :hearts:

My heart goes out to you and your son, especially since he’s probably struggling to express how he feels about all of this. So often it seems they try to keep it inside so as not to disappoint or upset parents, and they don’t have the vocabulary to identify everything that’s going on with them.

Statistically speaking, there are probably at least a couple of kids in your community with T1D, depending on where you are, but they may not be in his age range. Kids just a bit older often like to feel like they can mentor or help someone younger, especially when there’s a little common ground. Contacting your pediatrician and/or endocrinologist to find support group information might help, and if you’re in a smaller community, making an occasional day trip to a nearby bigger city to meet with other kids might be a big hit with him, especially if there are some unrelated activities he can look forward to.

Hi Sheila @sheila104yahoo-com ,
I feel your need for your son to be able to talk with someone with diabetes.
His care team might be able to suggest someone or you might have a T1 group in your area.
Check the EVENTS tab at the top of this page and enter your zip code. If there is a TypeOne Summit near you please try to attend. I will attend one in Tampa next month and will probably be enriched greatly.