My 11yo son joining Jr. high Bball...lookimg for advice on how to manage timely bs checks and proper care

my son was recently diagnosed and im looking for advice on the following…hes in 6th grade this yr so he is very excited to join the team. hes an excellent basketball player and him and his coaches are looking forward to for the season to start…the thing is…Im not.
Our Dr explained how to manage his bs during the games but this is so new to us. what if I can’t make it to a game? I know there will have to be an extra person that will accompany him on all away games to assure he is ok and that everything is being managed properly.
can someone with experience please help me? advise on how to go about this…
thank you in advance

Hello Selena,

My son is also 11 and was diagnose at age 23 months. He has been playing soccer, and lately, basketball. The good thing about being 11 is that hey can, most of the times, feel the lows and act on it. Try to see how games affect his bs. Some kids get low during the game (in that case, use temp basal if he is using a pump or give him some sugar before the game, granola bar or similar). Some kids get low after, so you/he can check his bs after the game. For the first couples of games I will suggest to measur his BG before and after and learn how games affect his bs. The other option is for him to wear a CGM (my son uses Dexcom, but he doesn’t use it all the time) that will
Give alarmas that might help you feel
More at ease when you are not there. So far, I have always been with my son at games and practice. But if I am understanding this well, your son will be in a more competitive team
Than my son and traveling with them which is another challenge by itself.

I hope this helps. Is never easy but you and your son will figure it out. :wink:

Hi Salena @Sal4life, I’m thrilled to know that your son is looking forward to living his dream and really being an active full of life boy in spite of the fact that he is living with diabetes. Diabetes should not be a reason, or an excuse, for him [or anyone] to mope around an be a couch potato. Oh for the “good old days” when diabetes management [1940’s and 1950’s] was simpler and life went on; when it took days to get a simple blood sugar test result.

Sofia @sofiaperazzo has offered some really good advice, I suggest that your son may benefit by following some practice similar to what her son does. I will add, that complex carbohydrates BEFORE extended activity begins [game or practice] is advisable.

You haven’t mentioned your son’s insulin regimen or his methods, so I won’t go beyond what Sofia suggested, but I will mention that his target BGL on game days should be higher than “normal”, whatever that is for an active teen boy, days - speak with his medical team about this [I’m not a medical doctor].as to what range his BG should fit.

Good luck to him, and to you too. .