Hello. My 11 year old son was diagnosed 8/25/12. He is a competitive tennis player. Any other young athletes with diabetes? I am confused how to approach his training with diabetes

Hello,  sorry about the new diagnosis.  Your new best friend should be your CDE (certified diabetes educator) being athletic with diabetes is the same as being non-athletic with diabetes.  Exercise will reduce the amount of insulin needed, but please take things slow and please work with a professional.  good luck


I was a gymnast at the age 13 and I got diagnosed right in the middle of the year! I had to bring many snacks with me to practice and I checked my sugar alot! make sure you either have protein or fat in your sons snacks, this will keep him steady.  Juice is very hard to control by itself so you will need to give him cheese, or nuts with juice for example. But I recommend giving him banana with a nut butter because it is fast and has carbs and it is really healthy. But this is not as difficult as it may seem.

Sending love and light, Jess

Being an athlete will help him stay healthy. We test ours just before events and at breaks. It's okay if they are a little high before starting. Keep carb snacks handy so he can munch or drink if he starts to feel low. Eventually you may want to get a Dexcom CGM.

In addition to talking to your doctor or diabetes educator, you might want to check out one of Gary Scheiner's online classes.  He's a longtime type 1 diabetic who is an exercise physiologist and author of "Think Like a Pancreas".  His website that offers classes on exercise is at https://type1university.com/

I'm also a fan of Sheri Colberg's "The Diabetic Athlete" book which has chapters on how to adjust insulin and eat for different sports.  www.amazon.com/.../0736032711

Hi when I was diagnosed a year ago. It was difficult at first for me because I play on a ice hockey team. I think your son should check is number befor it dose the sport he likes . I say this because if is number was low you give him a snack if high give him insulin