Morning or Night for Lantis?

My son was recently diagnosed with T1D. We began in the hospital with the morning dose of Lantis but before we left they switched us to doing it at night due to his age and sleeping later on the weekends. What is the consensus? Which is better?

I do my long-acting insulin (first Lantus, later Basaglar due to insurance) at 5:30 every night. It’s always worked well for me; it keeps my numbers stable through the night and I’m usually able to do it at the same time as my dinner insulin which is pretty convenient.

My daughter, Kate, injects 4 units of Lantus in the morning and 6 units at bedtime (around 9.30pm). She has been doing the twice daily Lantus injections since diagnosis 3 years ago. It works well for her.

Hi Becky @becky.malone,

I will suggest that you do not need a “consensus” of what works well for others - your son is unique [as we all are] and what is currently working for him nay be his “best” regimen. And what works well for him this year may not be his preferred management one, two or three years from now. Personally my insulin doses, kinds of insulin and timing of injections [now pump] have had many iterations during my 60 years living with diabetes. Hopefully you have chosen the very best and most knowledgeable physician in your area for diabetes care.

Now moving on from what I just said - YES, continue to ask questions here and gather all relevant information from trusted sources and have questions written down for when you and your son consult with his doctor. Don’t be afraid to suggest to his doctor that you believe a change in insulin or timing might be in order; making suggestions to the doctor may “awaken” something that s/he had learned but let it slip to the back.