Minimum 630g

Hello, my name is Rich and I haven’t been on this site for quite a few months. My grandson just started with the 630G 2 days ago.
I am one of his part time care givers. By that I mean he’ll be with me 2 to 3 afternoons when he gets out of preschool. He is 3 1/2, sharp as a tack and he knows it. I read a few posts about other pumps and wondered if anyone has had a problem with the 630.
As I have recently learned you don’t really know what questions to ask until it’s time to ask them. Went through the training but just found out for sure that he gets a food bolus every time he has a carb snack. I would like to know of any problem as am open to any suggestions from experienced pump users.

Oops typo Minimed 630G

Hi, I don’t use the 640g model but I’ve been using the Minimed / Medtronic pumps for years. I suggest that whenever your grandson has a meal or snack that contain carbs that you use the “Bolus Wizard” feature or tool. I’m assuming that his required bolus ratio factors are stored in his pump.

My suggestion, carefully count carbohydrates consumed [I look at what I actually eat], enter the current BG value and total carbs then observe what the estimated, or recommended amount of insulin should be. Don’t press the “activate” button immediately, but think before infusing the insulin to assure it is about right - this will come to you as you gather experience. A few things [I could give you a flowchart with about 30] to consider before taking any insulin:

  1. Is the snack because he is low?
  2. Has he recently engaged in real exercise?
  3. or do you anticipate more activity than usual?
    If any of these three exist, you may want to give a smaller bolus than the wizard suggests of totally skip the bolus. Use an educated guess, but always follow up before too long to see if his BG is on track.

Grandma, there is always some guess work for us in managing diabetes, but I’m certain that before long his management will become second nature to you. By asking here, you ARE showing that you are proactive. Keep asking, we [all people managing T1D] are more than willing to offer you suggestions from our experiences.

Sorry Rich, that was supposed to be GrandPa - I too am a GrandPa.


hi @Wyattspoppie,

just like @Dennis, I have had many years experience with medtronic pumps and have researched almost all of the pump manufacturers and the current offerings of modern pumps.

in my opinion - there is no major malfunctions or issues with the pump.

If I could offer advice: relax, learn how to suspend (turn the pump off or turn it off for a period) and become familiar with blood sugar testing.

if your grandson’s parameters are set right, all you would typically have to do is bolus for food. Please remember, it’s easier to take more insulin, so err on the conservative side. There is a great reference called “Pumping Insulin” which is a book that’s worth reading and all about pumps.

good luck to you and your grandson.