Michigan Children's Special Healthcare Services and OmniPod

Does anyone know how I can convince (advocate, petition) Children’s Special Healthcare Services (this is a Medicaid healthcare for kids with special illnesses/needs) to work with OmniPod? I am trying to get my daughter changed from Medtronic MiniMed to an OmniPod and they told me today that the CSHCS won’t work with them. Her dad has primary insurance, but I’m going to end up paying out of pocket for the balance of the cost of supplies - both the deductible and then the every 3 month supply.

Thank you!

Hi @nickemsmom,
A path you might be able to use is that OmniPod has recently been approved for Medicare beneficiaries when properly prescribed.
I’m understanding that soon [months?] reimbursement will begin. Speak with the OmniPod representative.

Have you reached out to an Omnipod rep? They are usually very good about giving you the language needed to get things approved. The primary insurance won’t pay for it? I thought the private insurance was always the “main” one and that the Medicaid is secondary to cover anything the primary doesn’t cover.? Good luck!