Which insurances cover Omnipod?


I want to start my daughter who is 31/2 years old, dz June 2008 on Omnipod. I have Kaiser which does not cover Omnipod. Which other insurances cover it?





Kaiser should cover it with an appeal and a review - that said - I know many of the Bue Cross, Cigna and Aetna plans cover them.  Insulet has insurance specialsts who should be able to tell you with whom they have standing agreements.

Also, for a 3½ year old - have you looked at the Animas PING?  I have had a number of (not infrequent) failures with the pods, and I've had at least 3 PDM's die.  I am tech savy and because of my fear of needles, the Omnipod is still a worthwhile trade, however, if I had to do something for my child, I'm not sure it would have been my first choice of pumps... 

Good luck!!!



My 9 yr. old daughter was dxd 12/07 has been on the Omnipod for 8 months. Blue Cross Blue Shield approved the Omnipod on the same day that they received the request from heer doctor. Our endo says that because the up front costs are less with the O-pod than other pumps, some insurance companies approve it readily. My daughter, who was injecting herself five times a day when she was eight, loves it. We have had very few malfunctions and it only takes a few minutes to remove and put on a new pod. The PDM is okay but I hear that Insulet in coming out with a smaller, color screen version in 2009. I wish they would make a smaller, kid-size pod but it generally does not bother her for it to be visible when wearing a bathing suit, etc. I took a colorful tube sock, cut off both ends, and sometimes she wears it on her leg over the Omnipod--sort of a hip hop look!--to hold it tight if she is at a waterpark or someplace where she will be very active. We think the Omnipod is great. Good luck!

We have Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they covered Dexcoms for both my son and me.

They also covered the Omnipods we both wear. 

can humana  cover the omnipod?

i think most insurance companies are covering all insulin pumps now. There are some that do not but i think in rare situations.