Medtronic pump supplies & dexcom g4/g5 cgm

I transitioned to the Tandem t-slim X2 insulin pump from the Medtronic Paradigm Insulin Pump, Ref MMT-523NAS, Conf H4CA and is out of warranty. I am also on the Dexcom G6 CGM sensors.
I have 9 boxes of the Quick-Set Paradigm canulla, 23 inch long tube with 9mm cannula with use by dates from 2022-01-01 to 2023-05-01.
I have 5 boxes of Mini-Med Reservoirs with use by dates from 2021-04-25 to 2023-02-01.
I have 2 boxes of Dexcom G4/G5 Continuous Glucose Monitor sensors.
Every box contains 10 items.
If you want any or all of them, please reply to my email at

Hi @TomC5 that’s really nice of you and I am sure some of our participants might need them. Especially with the financial strain of this year. I’ll leave this up for a bit and I hope you get emails. Also if no one responds, you can try an endocrinologist office in case they know some patients in need. Thank you!

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