Medtronic Guardian Sensors

I was just on the phone with Medtronic to order Guardian Sensors. I was told that they are on back order and they don’t know when they’ll be available.
Don’t you think that since Medtronic has been pushing to use the 670G pump that they would have ample supply of Guardian Sensors?
It’s like putting the cart before the horse.
On another note…I replaced my sensor last night and after 2 hours of warm up time. That’s another issue. I tested my blood glucose and calibrated my sensor. At 3:00am this morning alarms went off saying that I needed to check my BG. Calibrations are supposed to last 12 hours not 6 hours.
Then I entered a BG this morning for breakfast and it wouldn’t accept my BG for calibration.
This is starting to irritate me.
Anyone else having issues like this?

@deer57 hi Jeffery

calibrating sensors can be complicated. there are a few people talking bout it @Chancey did a write up here

and here

Hi. What I’ve read is that the destruction in Puerto Rico has set back production of the sensors.

Secondly when a sensor is newly inserted the first calibration is 6 hours later. Then it progresses to every 12. As for not accepting a calibration. It happens when the numbers are very different. You shouldn’t calibrate if your BG is lower than 70 or higher than 140.

I received my sensors yesterday.
Thank you for the advice momoftwins.

I have calibration issues every other week it seems. When you get the bg required alarm Medtronic suggests waiting at least one hour before inputing it — it’s counterintuitive but it works.

I was told the sensor back order is for replacement sensors NOT new orders. I was able to get new boxes without a problem

I ignore all alerts from 11:30 pm to 6 am. My blood sugar rarely falls into the danger zone while I’m sleeping.

Yes I have had the same problem with the sensor always asking for BGs. And I have waited at least 30 minutes before a repeat BG. I get very frustrated with the Guardian sensors. compared to Enlite sensors. Sometimes I switch to manual mode which eliminates the problem but also defeats the purpose of having a 670 pump.

I too, have the every six hours calibration message for the first 24 or so hours. I definitely prefer the Enlite sensors.

It only gets worse. My transmitter was malfunctioning my 530 system, so Medtronic said they would move me to the 630, where they had working transmitters. After moving me and getting trained, it was discovered (no one told me in advance) that my 180 unit reservoirs would not work and I have to get the 300 unit sensors. Except, there is a shortage of these sensors and they do not have any. My trainer scrounged up four which will last me 12 days, We are 6 days in and still no sign that reservoirs are available. My old system had a problem with the transmitter so I could not get my glucose readings, but the new system is threatening to cut off my pump in 6 days because they are out of reservoirs. That means I am back to insulin pens. Why move someone from bad to worse??? It makes no sense, except they got to charge me for a transmitter they had and that is of no value to me without reservoirs.

Hi @deer57. I see you finally did get your sensors, thank goodness. You might check with your insurance to see if there are medical supply companies you can order from as well. Edgepark is one.

Thank you wadawabbit.