Meal and recipe ideas?

Today marks 3 weeks to the day my son (age 10) was diagnosed. He is currently supposed to be consuming 40g of carbs at breakfast, 60g at lunch, 75 at dinner and 15g bedtime snack. I am struggling to make healthy meals that are equivalent to 60-75 carbs. I would truly appreciate any suggestions or recipes.

Hi. I’m not sure if you are still till looking for ideas, but I figured it might be helpful to others as well to answer your query. Meals with 60 carbs seem such a luxury to me, but here goes… ideas that kids would like with 60 carbs.

  1. Spaghetti, glass of milk and small piece of fruit.
  2. Bean burrito, roast veggies, Mexican rice and small chocolate pudding (use low carb tortilla and 1/2 cup of the rice)
  3. 3 slices thin crust papa John pizza
  4. Hamburger, side salad! Milk and small cookie
  5. Bowl of bean and meat chili and cornbread

Pretty basic, but hopefully helpful