Managing T1, Motherhood & Pregnancy #2?

Hi everyone,
Looking for some advice and wisdom from mommies with more than 1 little. My little boy just turned 1 (how does it go so fast??), and we definitely want to have more kids. I had great control during my pregnancy, but obviously, I only had to take care of me, so I had time and energy to exercise, stay on top of everything, and give lots of attention to managing my blood sugar. I work almost full time, so there is just never enough time in the day, I’m not getting enough/regular exercise, plus I feel pretty exhausted most of the time (he still hasn’t figured out how to sleep through the night, and it’s kind of killing me!). I totally want more kids, but I also feel kind of anxious about how I’ll be able to manage another pregnancy now that life is so different.

Just looking for some words of wisdom from those of you who have experience with managing type 1, being a mommy, AND being pregnant at the same time. (and working too…)