Management of everything

I am totally struggling at staying on top of all this. I have one infusion site left, have been trying to get my insurance to get a new prescription from my doctor for 2 weeks. It always involves multiple lengthly phone calls, and I seem to always be in this position where I have one left amd I am reusing as much as I can. I went to fill my site using the same tubing and my novolog only to realize I left my last bottle at work, so I had to use Humulog from a pen that a doctor gave me the last time I was almost out of insulin and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. She said Humulog was practically the same as Novolog, but it does make me drop more. So now I am low and freaking out because I just noticed a warning label on my insulin pen saying “DO NOT transfer to a syringe. Coulr result in massive overdose.” It brings back so much anxiety from my college years over the thought of overdosing.

I wish I had a friend with Type 1. :frowning:

Hi Emily,
You have “found friends” who are living life with TypeOne. By the way, Welcome to TypeOne Nation; I noticed that you just registered here as a member.

Filling a pump reservoir from a pen is tricky but can be a safe move in an emergency; just be careful about air bubbles and that you allow the reservoir to breath normally during priming. Humalog and Novolog, although quite different [one made from yeast and the other from bacteria, I think] but act in almost identical fashion in our bodies - initially I needed less Novolog when I switched to that after using Humalog for nine years - then six years later when I switched back to Humalog I needed less of that than the Novolog - a lot has to do with what our bodies get accustomed to. The word of caution here is always be careful when changing medications - with insulin, I deliberately take less than I estimate I need.

A tip for when a new or renewal prescription is needed - call your doctor and have her send it to the provider, insurance company or supply house. Your doctor KNOWS you, those others do not.