Low snacks!

Hey all!
So I’m going through a period where I am low all the time and my doctors are constantly making adjustments. While I am waiting for those adjustments to work I am still low and have to eat cookies and candy and soda and even a million juice boxes. I swear I have gained 3 pounds! Is there anything I can do to keep my blood sugar up without all the sugar?

@cupkate it depends on how comfortable you are with adjusting insulin: the answer is less basal less bolus. Down to zero if necessary and your bs is normal.

If you are not comfortable then you have to work with your doctor

If you are low all the time then you have too much insulin on board (for whatever reason). Are you still in “honeymoon”? Are you eating regularly? Low carb? It can be a problem if you are always relying on the “expert”. Check your BG before meals. If normal, or close, consider no additional insulin. Check in 2 hours. Still normal? Sweet. High? How high? Below 200, don’t sweat it. Low? how low. In the 70’s? You’re going to have to snack, high protein, low carb.
Just check frequently and try to watch the carbs. Too much cookies, candy and juice will prevent a more “steady state” resulting in highs, adjusting, then crashing. I personally recommend a simple diet that you can tolerate for some weeks to figure out what your body really needs. Then you can learn to adjust based on whatever is on your plate. That’s in addition to whatever long-acting (I’m on Levimer) you need to hold you. Please consult your doc, but ultimately YOU will be managing this. Good Luck.

Hi! I have days like that sometimes. The cookies, candy, soda, and juice will get your blood sugar up fast, but won’t keep it up. Make sure you’re getting some protein and fat in the mix, too. If you start with juice, follow it up with some nuts or beans or something like that 10-15 minutes later, once your blood sugar’s back up. That might help prevent it from crashing again once all the sugar’s gone through your system.

Hi Kate @cupkate , like others have said it appears that you are taking too much insulin - either too much background / basal insulin, too much bolus insulin with meals, or a combination of the two. We’ve “spoken” before, but I don’t remember your insulin dosing protocol or how long you have had diabetes - do you use a pump? Are you over-counting your meal carbs and taking too large a bolus?

If you use a pump, I suggest that when you are feeling or heading low, that you enter in a reduced basal percentage or temporarily suspend the pump operation until you start going up. For many years, just like you, when I went too low I’d overeat [brownies are my favorite] and pay the price later.

And just a thought [keep in mind that I am NOT your medical doctor] at some point you should become aware how your body reacts to even a small change in insulin and be able to make adjustments without waiting for a doctor appointment - bring up this topic when you are with your doctor / diabetes educator and let her/him/them guide you.

Peanut butter snacks and long lasting carbs like bread and pasta. Or popcorn stuff like that helps me.