Low blood sugar symptoms without having a low blood sugar

So today I had to be sent home from work because I almost passed out. I had basically all the symptoms of a low blood sugar, like shaking, sweating, dizziness/lightheaded, but my blood sugar was 111. I didn’t have a high carb breakfast and my blood sugar was basically in the low 100’s all morning so I’m not sure what causes this more i’ve been experiencing low blood sugar symptoms lately without actually having a low blood sugar.

There was a time when I habitually ran high (200++) and when my numbers got to the healthy zone I felt my low symptoms because “normal” was new for me.
If that’s not the case - or perhaps even if it is - you should check in with your doctor. It could be something unrelated to diabetes, such as a panic attack or anxiety. Or you could be coming down with a bug of some kind.
I hope you’re better soon.

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Thanks, that’s what a nurse asked me, but my numbers have been normal lately, not too high or any drastic changes. I didn’t feel too anxious then but maybe it caught up from earlier. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Autumn @Autumn_Rose, I know that folks like you and me who have had diabetes ‘for years’ always want to lay the blame for any illness we have on diabetes. Many times, diabetes may be the culprit, but not every time.

I won’t offer you a medical diagnosis, but I have experienced what you are feeling, know people who do not have diabetes who display similar symptoms, but doctors have given diagnosis other than diabetes-related. I suggest that you consult a medical professional for advice.


Hi @Autumn_Rose I’ll guess. I agree with @wadawabbit. An anxiety attack feels exactly exactly the same as a low. What were you thinking about at the time? What was happening? What conversations were going on? That’s where I’d put my effort.

There’s a diabetes complication that involves the adrenaline system. So there’s a much less likely physical reason as well so I’d also recommend you talk to your endo as this is also in their specialty.

Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi, Autumn.

That dizziness/lightheaded feeling can be symptomatic of many things. If you are confident your numbers are good, you should check with your primary care physician. It could be something as simple as dehydration, low blood pressure or anemia just to name a few. Definitely get checked though. Take care.

One thing to remember is that blood sugar is a level of concentration and if you are dehydrated then your sugar numbercN show artificially high, because the quantity of fluid is too low. I struggle with this especially in summer time due to sweating while working outside. My bg will read ok until I consume enough fluid then drop like a bomb especially if my pump as been dosing for a slightly elevated bg.

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I was at work taking the garbage down to the first floor so I wasn’t feeling anxious at the time I just started feeling sick but maybe that could have made me anxious. My endo told me to reduce my insulin intake by 50% and see if that helps she said if it didn’t then it probably wasn’t diabetes related, but feeling good so far haha thanks for the help!!

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ok, thanks for the advice!

I had an experience like that recently where my Dexcom was telling me my glucose levels were right where they should be but I was feeling really low. I double checked the Dexcom against a glucometer reading and it turns out the Dexcom was wrong. Could it have been an error with the reading you were receiving at the time? James

I would have verified my blood sugar and then either shown my boss that it was normal, or eaten some glucose and asked for 30 minutes to recover, and then gone back to work. As others have said, there are a lot of reasons for fainting, even low blood pressure. My non-diabetic sister-in-law had fainted several times from that. And I agree with everyone that EVERYTHING that happens to us is blamed on our diabetes.

That’s what I thought but my free style libre said 111 and my glucameter said 104, however I ended up in the ER a few days later when symptoms got much worse and my GP thinks it was severe dehydration along with something else. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I am so very sorry you ended up in the ER. That is never a pleasant experience. The dehydration is certainly grounds for problematic blood glucose readings. In my experience, the biggest impacts to glucose levels going in unpredictable directions are: (1) illness; (2) dehydration; (3) stress; (4) unusually high or low glycemic foods; (5) unanticipated impact of certain types of exercise; and (6) (curiously) the time of year. Number 3 and number 6 may require more explanation. Number 6 first - inexplicably I have found that at certain times of year (changing seasons) when the weather patterns (temperatures mostly) change, my glucose levels break their pattern and change which requires more careful control. In terms of stress (no. 3), I have found that it can have a significant impact. As a trial attorney, I have learned that I must let the judge presiding over a case know that I must take periodic breaks to make adjustments to ensure my glucose levels do not go haywire. Could you have been experiencing a particularly high level of stress when you were experiencing these issues? James

Thanks for the info! I think initially I wasn’t stressed but as the week continued it could’ve contributed. My doctor also thinks antibiotics had a role in it so it seems like a mixture of things haha. Thanks for all the help!