Looking for participants for research

Hi all,

I’m Zun from Atheneum Partners. We are currently working with a client (medical research company) to understand more about the experiences of type 1 diabetes patients. It would be a two-way 60min phone conversation and we are happy to offer you USD85/hr to thank you for your time. Feel free to call (+1 917-810-5265) or email me at zun.oo@atheneum-partners.com, or I would be happy to reach out to you myself if you provide me with some means of contacting you.

Please note that this project is time-sensitive , so we would need to speak soon to schedule a call.

Kind regards,


+1 917-810-5265

@zo19 you can contact me at laceybennett21@gmail.com

Hi @Laceybennett21, I’ve just emailed you.

What is this for ??? I would love to reach out but idk what you mean

Hi @ViviAnn this is for market research and we are looking to speak to patients with T1D. You will be paid USD85/hr for your time. You can call me at +1 917-810-5265 or email me at zun.oo@atheneum-partners.com

I’d love to participate! You can email me at abigaelparrish13@gmail.com.

Hi all, thank you for your interest. The study has concluded.