Looking for others with simular problems! Sun Allergy, low iron, inflamation, bloating

I have had diabetes for 24 years now (well as of aug24,2009)

I am have many problems arise I have taken Lantus, and humalog for about 9 yrs now

1.a) Have been allergic to UVA rates of the sun for 9 years now, b) Chronic pain- poor flexibility, have tested positive for the "positive A" that is found in lupus 4 yrs ago

2. Cronic pain could potentially be fibermialga

3. I can not longer get sugars regulated, constant bloaing after I eat, Low Iron to the point of 0.05 saturation rate and that is taking 2 pills a day.  I take herbal pills as well to try and help absortation of:  protiens and carbs, Calcium, Iron, increase insulin absorption

I am at my wits end and really just want a semi normal life. 

Does anyone have anything to offer?  What is this Metabolic syndrome all about?


I'm allergic to the sun. It sounds crazy but it's true. I have to hurry inside. I can't even stand outside without getting burned! Well i'm on antibiotics too so that doesn't help anything. My face gets burned like really really bad.



Have you tried getting regular massages and incorporating stretching into your daily routine?  It seems that you are being bombarded by autoimmune issues.  Do you take any vitamin D? Vitamin D is important to blood sugar regulation and if you are not getting it from the sun, supplementing would probably be good.

Also not to get all new agey on you... But meditation and stress management techniques really help make many autoimmune issues more manageable and less active.  

If I were you, I would start with massage. 


I really don’t know if this will help any but I had some problems before from being in the sun. I would get this bad blotchy rash all over. I am very fair skinned and burn easily. I started to use Coppertone Sensitive Skin (no dies, no perfume, PABA free) SPF 45 sunscreen and I have not had any problems since. I’m not sure exactly what UVA allergy is so this may not help any but I thought I would share.

I agree with the massages! I found someone who is specially trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I tend to swell pretty badly she has helped so much. It surprising how badly you can feel with you are bloated (I’m sure you already know that!). I've heard people swear by acupuncture, although I’ve never tried it?

I am an LMT and my "day job" is Massage Therapist... I treat many women around your age with autoimmune issues.  They all experience SO MUCH relief when they make it part of their life.  I personally have a number of autoimmune issues that massage helped me manage which is why I decided to go to school for it in the first place...  Lymph Drainage is wonderful, it is very delicate yet incredibly powerful!