Looking for any ideas on how i can help my dauther

My daughter found out shehasT1 back in Nov 2017 she is not taking it very well i am doing my best to keep her sprints up. When it is time to count her cards and draw up her insulin she gets very upset it don’t help that she has adhd i don’t know what to do she has changed. Do anyone have any ideas on how i canhelp my daughter

I have a 11yearl old daughter that was diagnosed when she was turning 8. She takes very hard the cabs counting and myself us well.
The rest she is managing. But of course is not easy, better days than others.
Hope all goes for the best, we have to try to have a normal life us possible for they dont fell any diferent of the others.
Very brave everyone that have to go through this. And i am so proud of my daughter.

My name is Ms. Edwards and I have a 12 year old daughter who has been diagnosed since she was seven and I have been struggling with the same situation not counting her carbs and not wanting to take her insulin. What I have gone through to help her cope with her situation is reached out to programs that offers her counselling and eat what she eats. I’ve also given her a psychiatric evaluation to ensure that she is accepting or understands her condition is really not going to go away but can get better by watching what she chooses to eat and portion size. Go on and on but we can talk if you have questions perhaps I can help I’ve always been looking out for groups and all the parents that I can relate to with what I’m going through it is very frustrating and it is stressful but we’re coping with it little by little she seems to be getting a little bit better I also enrolled her in activities like track. In conclusion giving her a balanced meal of at least 45 grams per meal and having her do some exercise on a daily basis does help to keep her sugar down and I even bought her a small little bag to keep her medication discreet it looks like a little purse but it’s insulated. hopefully this was helpful and you can reach out to me anytime

Sorry it took my so long to get back to you I have CAD is a heart disease I have been in out of the hospital. She is seeing a therapist we just started seeing her its still a struggle she will hear her Dexcom coming off and won’t check. She goes to the daycare to help her God mom I had to keep her home twice due to her not eating she will only take her insulin she starts her new ADHD medication today I’m hoping that will help. I signed her up for some the Walk on the August 22 I