I tried looking it up, and there’s not an LGBT thread at all here. And I think as teens, and diabetics, it’s hard, but we need the support for the LGBT kids. I don’t really know what to do with this forum, since I’m new, but I might as well introduce myself.
Hi, I’m Sebastian and I’m a pansexual, transgender male. I’d love to talk to anyone here, or I’m much more easily accessed on my Kik, Snugglyemo666 (Please don’t judge this is an old Kik and I went through a gross phase. :disappointed_relieved:)

I’m not LGBTQIA myself, but I’m an ally, most definitely. I’m free to talk if you’d like. I was diagnosed when I was four, and I’m a sophomore this year. I’m a policy debater, a choir geek, an amateur writer, and a dancer. Message me whenever.