Let's see

Think of Mary Poppins_______Now the song, A Spoonful of Sugar, OK,  Now the words___

A Syringe full of insulin helps the Blood Sugar go down. The blood sugar go down, In a most delightful way.

Just wondering how many people get this stuck in their head????? LOL

hahahahah. dork.

lol not me but I am going to try and remember singing it to Ri next time she is injecting. I will get one of 3 responses. Either she will be annoyed, laugh or take my head off. I am going for a laugh here tho.

Love it! Mary Poppins is one of my daughter's favorite musicals, we went to Los Angeles last year just to see it live. I'll have to remember to sing it to her, she'll get a kick out of it!

If one child smiles because of this thread, it is so worth it!!!!! LOL

lol she didnt bite my head off! She grinned and then her eyes got all big she asked "is that a real song" lol I told her someone on juvenation made it up. She thought that was kinda cool. Hard to impress a almost 10 year old girl like her.