Lantus Injection

Has anyone else had problems with their Lantus pen not pushing insulin through the needle?  I am taking 3 units and I've been told to do an "air shot" of 2 units, but I don't get a nice fluid stream of insulin.  Rather, it drips out of the needle.  I've also tried an air shot of 3 units and sometimes it drips as well.  This is a concern because I don't always know if I'm getting my full 3 units.

Any advice as to why this happens? 

as much as it will suck to waste insulin, have you tried just shooting 5units out into the sink to see what happens? the thing i'm thinking is that since it's only 3units, it's not enough insulin for it to do a "stream" of fluid which is why it looks more like a drip.

Thanks for replying.  I've shot 3 units out in the sink and sometimes it does produce a stream.  And in the past, when I've shot 2 units, it's been a stream.  Kind of puzzling and I'm concerned that I'm not getting my full dose.

I don't have a great answer to your question, but per my endo (and my experience), you have to hold the button on the lantus pens for an especially long time to make sure all the insulin comes out. When I shoot out a couple of units before injecting, it's usually more of a trickle... When I inject lantus, I hold the button for much longer than my novolog pen so the last bit can slowly drip out.

I think you're doing it right.

It won't stream out of needle like you see in movies or T.V. shows because 1-2 units is such a small amount.  Now if you prime your pen (a.k.a. air shot) with like 10 units and press the button down all at once you'll see a stream.

I've been using pens for 11 years and I've always been used to it dripping out out of the needle when I'm priming it.  Basically all you need during the priming is for a tiny bit of insulin to come out to get the air out of the needle and fill it with insulin.  Once any insulin comes out then you know the needle is primed and ready to go.

Unless the pen is broken, you should be getting your full dose.  The only thing I'd be careful about is to make sure you're pressing the button all the way in when injecting.