Lancets, Lancets, Lancets

Does anyone else get sick of changing lancets? Overall I'd say I handle my diabetes well. My last a1c was 6.2. But I hate changing lancets. Even when I'm in my apartment, I just want to check, see the number, and move on. When I'm out and about, I don't know where to put the used lancets, so I just use the same one. I check my sugar at least 10 times a day, so this is a problem. Someone motivate me!!!!!!!!!! lol

I am, by far, not a great example on changing lancets... usually four or five times per... YEAR.  I know!  I KNOW!  Do not follow my example - but if changing it only once per day makes it easier on your routine and to keep yourself in this game and keep up that great A1C.  Do it.    Good luck!

Why do you change them so often Elie?  I'm like Katie and change mine just a few times a year, when they get dull.  I've done that for the last 25 years and haven't had a problem.  

It's tough enough dealing with all the used test strips.  My husband says he's going to start keeping a log of the weird places he's found them (so far he's spotten one in the refrigerator and his own dress shirt pocket).

I believe you're supposed to change them that often to avoid infection. I had no idea there were diabetics who changed them so infrequently lol

I think I change mine about once a week. I don't think I've ever seen my daughter change hers LOL!

I was worried I was the only one who keeps the same one for so long. I change mine every few days for the last 18 years!

Never had any sort of infection.  I don't use alcohol swabs and only wash my hands if it's convenient.   Just make sure to change lancets if you test someone else's blood.  

Frankly, I think lancets hurt until they get broken in.  After using one a week or 2 they work better for me.

Like most people in this thread I barely change my lancets. I couldn't even tell you how frequently I do. Basically, when it starts to get hard to blood out is when I change it. It isn't the best thing in to world to do, but I have yet to have an infection.

It is much more convenient when you go out too.

Wow lol I did not expect this. Before college I went to some Joslin summer diabetes camp for a weekend. They were really strict and made us change lancets every time we used our meters. Haha.

I remember them being strict at camp for those things too, but I agree they hurt worse when they are new!

lol i've been diabetic for 21 years and I never have changed my lancet even daily.... I change it when It gets so dull it doesn't prick me anymore haha

I recently picked up a box of colored lancets.  I love being able to customize it.  It really is a minor thing, but I have to admit, it has helped me to change the lancets.  I have been changing it on Sunday mornings, to start the week off with a new color.  Before then, I was lucky if I remembered to change it when I changed my smoke detector batteries.  I have noticed the caluses build a LOT slower when I change more often.

I change my lancets once a day....not bad but not great....ideally you should change them once every time you p**** your finger.

I love who this is a site devoted to Type 1 Diabetes and we can't say prick your finger without getting censored.

Jenn, I love the coloring idea!

*how, not who

I have reposted this thread: http//  a few times. It's all about not changing lancets, licking the blood off of your finger after testing and so on.

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