Kind of.....EXCITED!

Just saw my CDE for a follow-up appt on the Omnipod and my usual check. I asked her about getting pregnant later this year and if it was safe to give it a try. She said "yes, of course!" So.... pretty excited to hear that! My A1C is 5.7 and I am having occassional lows (70's)--which I don't consider too low. But, anyways, she said GO FOR IT!!

We won't be trying tomorrow or anything, probably in September. Wow. It just made me feel good inside. I can't wait to hop on here someday in the near future and say those magic words.....

Until then, keeping close tabs on my BGLs, close contact with my Dr's and taking those prenatal vitamins!


Take care, ladies!



You have a good A1C! Go for it! My last A1C was a 6.7 (2 months ago I think?) I am 20 weeks along and have had several ultrasounds and the doctors seem to think my babygirl is completely healthy. I have been testing like a maniac and trying to keep really tight control of my numbers. I expect my next A1C will be a touch lower. Just a heads up though, with all the raging hormones during pregnancy, expect for some crazy numbers every now and then. In the very beginning I had high numbers in the 200's despite increasing my basal and bolus. Then when I hit the 2nd trimester I went thru a horrible stage of insulin sensitivity and had low numbers (40's and 50's) everyday for a couple weeks. That seems to have tapered off now and my numbers are right where I want them but my endo warns me that insulin resistance may begin at any moment. Yay! LOL Goodluck and keep us posted!

Will do! Thanks for the advice!!