Ketogenic Diet

Hello Everyone,

I am Trevor, and I have been a T1D since I was 2 years old. Recently, my a1Cs have been off the charts. I have been around 11 or so for the past couple of years. I had to do something to change my diet.

I found Keto! This is literally the best diet I have ever been on to control my blood sugars. There is a lot of research of how this diet is actually healthy for you as well.

Ever since starting the diet, I have been maintaining 110 BG consistently, bringing it up and down when I please!

The book I follow is called The Ketogenic Diet for Type 1 Diabetes and can be found here: Ketogenic Treatment for Diabetes Type 1

***There is a concern about ketones in your body vs diabetic ketoacidosis. This is NOT the same thing and you are protected on this diet by ever going into DKA. This is because when you are on the diet, with very low carbs `20g/day, you have moderate ketones in your body, which is good. After eating carbs, your ketones actually DECREASE due to carbohydrate ingestion, and your blood sugar will rise. THEREFORE, if you take enough insulin (and it is very easy to do so) to have a good constant blood sugar, you will not go into DKA.

Ketogenic diet IS the best! For T1 and T2 Diabetics. For everyone actually. I went from being in the 13’s to 5.5 almost immediately upon switching to ketogenic diet. My Dr is thrilled with my numbers and with my CGM charts. They are so steady and even. I made her year as she sees so few people with such good sugar control Highly recommend!!

Yay! Glad that I have found it and also a fellow Keto-er with Type 1! We need to share recipes =)

Recipes! Absolutely! Right now we (hubby [T2] and I) keep it quite simple and we are getting bored with the same few things over and over again. What are your favorite meals at this time? We do alot of roast chickens with salad. We snack mostly on cheeses and nuts. You? has many delicious recipes for ketogenic diet…
You can access the site for a month free. Recipes are delicious / nutritious / satisfying.
Hope this helps.

So glad the Keto lifestyle is working well for you! I have been super low-carb for a while now and was wondering how hard the transition to a full Keto diet would be. Seems like the benefits are worth it though!

Hi, being allergic to wheat has had me very low car for a while before hearing of the ketone in diet. It was an easy transition for me. Good luck! It is worth it.

I’ve been eating super low carb (not quite keto because I still have the occasional cookie!) and have reduced my insulin by about 30% and lost 12 lbs in a month! My blood sugar levels have been pretty great, but they’re even more consistent now and have much softer (if any at all) spikes after meals. It’s also amazing how much the good fats of the keto diet keep me feeling full; I’ve hated every other diet I’ve tried. I was talking to a friend about keto today and she sent me to this site for low carb recipes, so I wanted to share it with you all :slight_smile:

Awesome! So glad the keto diet is working for you! I think it is amazing. Thanks for sharing the recipe link!