Juvenile Diabetic and wanted to know the chances of getting pregnant?

Yes, i am a type 1 diabetic and i have been for 15 years now, when i was a teenager i can honestly say i didn't take care of my self. In my mind i thought if the diabetes did not exist then i didn't have it. I can remember being 17 and my a1c being 9.2 and me being over weight! But when i reached my senior year of high school my whole out look on my diabetes changed. I started to watch what i eat, i stopped eating fast foods, stopped drinking soda, and started taking care of my self. Since then i am now 21, lost a ton of weight, and my a1c as of today is 6.1. I am on the pump and and dexcom. I am still trying to figure out my rates, because my a1c were so low because i started experience hypoglycemia unawareness. i will have extreme lows then, the rest of the day will be a roller-coaster but my sugar never usually goes over 200 t stays low to about 170. Anyways, I want to know the first steps about how to become pregnant. Me and my husband haven't been trying but if it happens it happens for over a year now, but i just want to be in the best health for me and the future baby, and in my mind having those lows, and stuff i am guess a baby cant happen at all? but i am not sure! I wanted to know is their any specific diet for pre pregnancy for type 1 diabetes i can follow to stay more stable that any one reccomends? and Has anyone been diagnosed at a early age and had a successful pregnancy? In my mind i am always thinking i will never be able to have a child because of my diabetes, but that's the one thing i really want to experience in my life time! I want to be blssed of hearing a heart beat or feeling a kick! IF anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Thank you so much and everyone have a blessed day!!

I was diagnosed at age 4 and had a healthy pregnancy when I was in my early 30's. This was after ignoring my diabetes as a teen (my A1c was around 14 for years) There's no reason you can't be a mom as a longtime type 1 diabetic.  

No matter how healthy your pregnancy is it will be considered high risk because of your diabetes and you'll have more doctor appointments and ultra sounds.  It's important to have good health insurance and a OBGYN you like and who has time for the extra appointments.  You're already off to a good start in that you use a pump and have a good A1c.   During your pregnancy you'll have to adjust insulin a lot, but it's not difficult with a dexcom and lots of testing.

Just eat healthy and exercise.  Once you get past the tiredness of the first trimester, sign up for a mom's exercise class.  It's a great way to feel good during your pregnancy and meet other expectant moms.  

I asked my doctor about it and he said unplanned it can be dangerous.. but Diabetic females can have children who r healthy.. he said that if your a1c is at a decent level, at conception, then the child has less of a chance of having problems.. the higher it is at conception the higher the chance of having problems with pregnancy and the child having issues..