Juvenation Exclusive: Upcoming Interview with two 2009 Children's Congress Delegates

As most of you probably know, the 2009 JDRF Children's Congress is being held this week starting today, June 22nd, in Washington, DC.  I am pleased to announce that I, personally, will have the honor of  "interviewing" two of the 2009 Children's Congress Delegates who are also Juvenation members when they return home later this week.

They are 14-year-old Alex Riley from California and 10-year-old Trevor Kunci from Ohio.
Thank you to their parents Nancy Riley and Kimberly Kunci!

You can view their delegate profiles now at:
Alex: ALEX
Trevor: TREVOR

This is going to be very exciting!  Stay tuned!!


Paul Glantzman


Looking forward to seeing the interviews!  Where will they be posted?  Here or on the cc.jdrf.org site?


Hi Doug,

I will be posting the interviews right here on Juvenation.
These are two very special kids!



I think everyone on here is special, for everything we're doing. We don't have to go to Congress to be special.