Just somethng funny

Most of you know that I am an amputee, not related to my diabetes. Any way a young man came to my door selling something and my little dogs were barking (chihuahua mixes, rescues) so I rolled out on to the porch. This guy made a remark about my dogs barking and I told him they were “ankle biters” meaning little ones. He asked me it that was what happened to my leg and I told him Yes, and that it took them about a week. He didn’t say a word just left. Haven’t seen him since. Yes I know that was bad of me, but. This was an adult.


Now that’s a creative way to deal with door to door salesmen :rofl::rofl::rofl:!

I appreciate your post making me laugh.:joy: My husband and I big on adopting recipes and appreciate it when they let us know someone is at our door. We have an American Staffordshire Terrier, that we rescued nine years ago, and when she barks, excitedly, we find the person at the other end of our short walkway.:blush:

I totally love it! I’m all about macabe humor anyway.

OK you asked for it. Back in 2000 I died after ankle surgery, spent 12 1/2 min with the Man. Anyway came back with a list. About 4 years ago Fed Ex came by with a prescription. a cute little black guy, said hi and Bye anyway he came back 3 days later with the balance of my RX and he was wearing a Blinged out Superman medallion I asked him about it and he told me he had died twice during heart surgery, told him I had died and started to tell him about the list I brought back, he told me he knew all about my list, told him that when I do something on the list I hear a (wanted to say bell) but he told me that was the bell of confirmation, haven’t seen him since ,entertaining angels unaware? What do you think? Have a great day. Bye Jan

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This is hilarious!! I’m reading this in bed and I just woke my husband cause I was laughing out loud!

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Elissa, I am assuming you are referring to the salesman, and not the other story…My husband laughed when I told him. It was funny and I felt so bad for the guy because he was so serious. I had a little boy about 5 asked me if I had any kids and I said no, but I had dogs and he said “do they bite?” I said no, but to him that would make perfect sense, told him it was just an accident…He was ok with that, he was just looking for an explanation not a story. If kids ask I just tell them it was an accident, if I say it was because I died and the body does not like to come back that is too scary and if I say anything about my foot dying then if anything shows up on their foot they’ll get scared or if they get a sore on their foot I don’t want them to be frightened., an accident is much better for little ones… Have a great day. Bye Jan Ps: maybe you should read these things during the day, just kidding.

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Omg that is so funny :joy::joy::joy: too bad you didn’t have a camera on him, the look on his face must have been priceless!!! :exploding_head:

Hi Jan! The Man Above gave you something very important and no, it does not come in a bottle either. You have a great sense of humor :blush:

Hi, I am not sure he knew I was kidding. To add to the hilarity, I bought a new T-shirt ( I had to, no one else would) and it says “this leg is taking a lot longer that I expected to grow back” Call it wishful thinking. or a great conversation starter. Bye Jan

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Marilyn, I am working very hard to keep up my end of the bargain, I win some of the battles (list stuff) and I think my average is more wins than losses. As I told another person, I bought 2 new t-shirts one says “this leg is taking a lot longer than I expected to grow back” the other says “are you staring at me because I’m an amputee or because I’m sexy” Had to buy them for myself I couldn’t get anyone else to do it. Answer to the staring one seems to be “Both” from those answering. All my Docs think I have lost my mind but they love me anyway. Have a great day. Bye Jan

Spring, you mean rescues and not recipes right? Except rescuing recipes is too funny, thanks for the laugh. PS: I’ll tell you what I have told others lately, I bought 2 new t-shirts, one says “this leg is taking a lot longer than I expected to grow back” and the other one says “are you staring at me because I’m an amputee or because I’m sexy” the general answer is “Both” and yes I had to buy them myself, couldn’t get any one else to do it. have a great day, Bye jan

You are welcome!:joy: I didn’t understand until I read my response to you and it brightened up my evening.:blush:

Hi Jan – I haven’t been able to find you on FB. How is your schedule looking this week? Would you like to meet for brunch/lunch/ or anything? How is Thursday for you this week?

Thanks for the laugh. I think we all could use humor.

Glad you enjoyed it. Latest funny. I am a below the knee amputee (not diabetic related) and my husbands cat “Rufus” has decided that my leg is now the perfect length to get a head, ear, face and back rub depending on which way he moves. And our new rescue an 8 lb. chihuahua with 1 eye and a trick knee came to the same conclusion, fortunately for me not at the same time, so if I move my leg someone is going to show up for a rub. As long as the other Fur Babies don’t decide to join in, should put this on you-tube, probably a good thing that I don’t. Have a great day, bye jan

Hey you might be able to get your own channel if you post this stuff. I am so glad to see someone with such a sense of humor with this yucky disease.

Stacey, in the grand scheme of things, thngs could be soo much worse. After ankle surgery in 2000 I died while in recovery and spent 12 1/2 minutes with the Man upstairs, he sent me back with a list after I complained to him that he wasn’t doing enough, his response was that I needed to get more involved, that explains the list I came back with… Recently I bought 2 new t-shirts-- one says "this leg is taking a lot longer than I expected t grow back " the other says “are you staring at me because I am an amputee or because I am sexy” The answer I usually get back is “Both” You want to see something funny sort of. I belong to a group you can find us on Facebook-- The group is “The next step-peer mentoring” I am the only female amputee we are all in wheelchairs- took up shooting a 1 1/2 year ago and had my 6th JuJItsu class about 2 months ago. we start a new class the last of august… Took my husband to his knees with a new hold. that was a rush, I thought so anyway, husband not so much. Thought about being a Sit down- Stand up comedian and hanging my handicap parking tag on my bar stool, my husband can be the straight man. Yeah right. Regarding this yucky disease, it has helped me realize my strength and has contributed to the person I am today, am I sorry I have it, probably not it’s a little inconvenient, I’ve had it for 64 years that I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t. I doesn’t interfere with my fun, activity , love, friends, work nothing really, being an amputee gives me more pause that being a diabetic. Strickly my opinion… Have a great day, I am trying to stay out of trouble today, not working- digging in the dirt, replanting hanging baskets, feeding plants. gardening stuff. Keep in touch. If I decide to go on the road, I’ll try my routine out on you first. OK? Bye jan

Thanks Janice for sharing your story. Yes def… Keep in contact

Atta girl! Sense of humour is key, no?