Just diagnosed 14 year-old

Hey I’m Sylvie I was diagnosed with t1d about a month ago. I am 14 and have a dad who also has type 1. I am currently using a insulin pen for both Lantus and Novolog. I was hoping I could connect with a few type ones to share the “highs and lows” of having type one diabetes.

Hey Sylvie,

My name is Thomas and I just turned 16 years old. I was diagnosed almost a year ago now and would love to be in contact with you. I have an iphone and email, just let me know how you want to communicate :wink: .

I may not be someone you would like to talk to, but I want you to know that you can have a very long, healthy and happy life with type 1 diabetes.
I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. After 72 years with type 1, I have good diabetes health, with no serious diabetes related complications.
Take good care of yourself and you can have a wonderful life.


Hi Sylvie-
I have had T1D for almost 14 years (I am 16). One of the positives of diabetes is the community b/c there is probably no way any of us would have been introduced to such a helpful, friendly community. Also it would have never given us something to learn about b/c without diabetes the only possibility of us learning about it (besides having family and/or friends) is through studying science. There are many “lows” on the other hand including the mood swings, energy fluctuations and lack of glucose to the brain which slows cognitive functions. Sometimes schoolwork sucks and taking tests sucks simply because my BG is too low or high for my brain to function properly. Also I am new to T1Nation so if there is a way to like DM me or something go for it.

Thanks for the encouraging words! I appreciate everyone reaching out to me. Everything is going ok right now but I’m sure I will post again with questions for you. Thank you!

My son Chase was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. He is 16 and appears to be rolling with the punches and has not let it stop him. I know he needs support from others his age and would love to have you reach out for support and someone he can share questions and just talk about it. He is an only child so no siblings to bounce things off of. his email is Robert_haight@lakesidesd.org if you would want to reach out.

Sure Sylvie, I’d be glad to. My name is Chloe and I’m also 14. I was diagnosed aged 11, and live in Australia. Guess what! I’m also on Lantus, though I on Novarapid as well. You can contact me either with email ( chloe.macdonald111@outlook.com ) or on Instagram ( @girl_with_t1diabetes ).

As a father of a teen diagnosed last week , I truly appreciate your words Sir!

Hi Sylvie, my name is Whitney. I am also 14 and was diagnosed when I was 12. I use novolog and lantus pens. I still do all of my sports and do anything a normal kid does.
Best of luck to you!