Jumping rope after eating to lower sugar WITHOUT insulin

my 18 year old daughter who has T1D has noticed that if she jumps rope after she eats, it slowly lowers her sugar.
today she experimented and ate a small amount of carbs without any insulin at all and noticed that her sugars remained stable. does anyone else have experience doing this?

I certainly have notice that Heather @hewhwew1.

Keep in mind that good diabetes management is knowing how to balance food, activity and insulin. Really nothing nothing more - but, and that is a big BUT, as each of us is unique each of us must observe how each of those three factors affects her/his own body.

To me, it sounds as if your daughter is bright, observant and intelligent. She will go far!
While she now knows this fact she can very carefully expand to other activities and “snack” as necessary to maintain a proper BGL without needing additional insulin. I stress the “carefully” because for me after more than 60 years using insulin, things change because of other factors such as air temperature, stress, hormones, etc.

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