How to manage low sugar

My daughter aged 9 1/2 was diagnosed with T1D one month ago. 2 weeks ago she experienced low sugar (64) and same cases the following days. I am still learning on managing her food and am suspecting the lack of carbs as the cause. I am Asian and rice is the staple food but I have always omit rice in her dinner because I would rather she focuses on protein and veggies. However after some activity (brisk walk) after dinner, her sugar always reaches low. Do you think lack (or 0) carbs is the culprit? Thanks.

How much insulin did you give her for dinner? I would suggest rounding down on that dose, particularly if she’s exercising after the meal.

hi @Sondang, many children experience a period of time, right after diagnosis, that their bodies begin to make insulin again. This is called “Honeymoon”. even the tiniest amounts of injected insulin could cause her to go low. I hope you have access to a CDE and endocrinologist, because her insulin may have to change drastically from the doctor’s original orders.

It is even possible she may need very little (or no additional) insulin, for a short period of time.

exercise can increase insulin efficiency in lowering blood sugar. for me, it doubles or triples the affect of insulin. exercise is great and necessary but I am careful when I inject insulin and then (for example) walk. when I am acitve after a meal, I always bring sugar (fopr example soda, gatorade, glucose tabs) with me in case I do go low.

a CDE or doctor may give you strategies for low carb/exercise lifestyle, and may have additional information and instructions.

I would agree with BookwormNerd13 and rice can be tricky but no reason exclude from the menu if you can find the right balance plus juviniles with T1D can be difficult to manage due to many factors including exercise.

Hi @BookwormNerd13 the dose is 4 unit (Novorapid). Ya I will consider that if she will take a walk after dinner (thanks also @Larry1).

Hi @Joe thanks for the information. I am learning new stuffs everyday.