JDRF Research List

Hey guys!


I'm looking for a list of research JDRF puts the Walk to Cure Diabetes towards.


I've searched the WHOLE JDRF.ca website, and I know I've seen it on there before, but I can't find it.


I can find the list that says what therapeutic stuff they are doing..but that's it.


I'm waiting to post it on my teamwoods.ca fundraising blog so people know where their money is going.



There are a broad spectrum of answers to that question and (as is often the case) - I may be misreading what you're looking for - so I apologize if I'm getting this all messed up.

The quick hitter here's how we break up our funding stuff is here:



The research is kinda' listed by area:


 Beta Cell Thearapies:


Immune Therapies:


Glucose Control:


Complications Therapies:


I have this bad feeling that I have an okay answer to an improperly interpreted question - but I hope this helps...  Also of note, Smartinsulin -which JDRF helped fund through its early stages was recently bought my Merck and is still working its way through safety trials (and is looking good) -

Good luck with your walk and I hope I was some help... maybe... a little... 




thanks for trying AD but I already found those answers. It's not the list I'm looking for. In last year's brochure for the walk, I swear I saw a list of what JDRF puts the money towards, and while it included a few of those things..there was much more, like..10 things or so =/

I've contacted someone I know at JDRF and I'm hoping she knows what i'm talking about haha.


They fund hundreds (if not thousands) of bits of research - in part, when not in total...  I am sure that compilation is available but a list of ten would surely have been a selected few promising items...  Good luck - you have my curiosity piqued, so don't forget to post here when you've got it, eh?



My contact at JDRF is going to send me the list, so i'm hoping its the right one! I will post it when I get it :)