I've been wondering about this for a while

Every catalogue the Medic Alert Foundation sends me for my son has a warning that the sterling silver jewelry isn't recommended for diabetics. Does anybody know why? (I forget to ask his nurse every time I talk to her.)

I've noticed these warnings too.  This is the answer that Bodyguard Medical ID Tags gives in their FAQs (http://www.medicalidtags.com/faq.php):

Why is the solid sterling silver not recommended for diabetics?

The acidic level in the body turns the metal. Diabetics may order the solid sterling silver, but Bodyguard is not responsible for the tag turning. Washing the tag and chain daily with soap and water will help counter these effects.


Hmm. Thanks. I didn't know about the higher acidic level. I learn something new everyday!

That's so interesting.  I have a sterling silver ID bracelet and it does have weird splotches on it, as well as lots of scratches, but as long as it's legible I don't care.