Diabetes bracelet

hey everyone,
happy holidays!

I’ve decided that I wanna buy a bracelet that indicates that I have diabetes. Maybe some of you know where I could find nice ones online? (I live in Europe so I must buy online).

Do you wear diabetes bracelets?

Thanks in advance:))

Look at this website…

It has some really beautiful jewelry to wear, for any condition.

thanks :slight_smile:️ they’re beautiful!

They are really very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I got some really cool rubber/latex ones from www.amazon.com. I got tired of the jewelry type so if you want something sporty these are great. Search for diabetic bracelets type 1, tons of different styles available.

For athletic-style products, check out Road ID https://www.roadid.com/ .

Find “RoadID.com”. This bracelet really can stand out, which is the whole purpose. The tag has room for most information if you need help and cannot help yourself. On my bracelet I have: 1. my name. 2. my home phone number. 3. my daughter’s number. 4. DIABETIC type 1. 5. allergies.

Here’s a link for Medic Alert bracelets. I’m in the US and also do a membership. When the number on my bracelet/ID is called, in an emergency, they have all of my info on file. This includes doctors, conditions, meds, family & emergency contact, etc. I’ve been a member for many, many years.


I LOVE sticky J jewelry for my diabetic ID. I never take it off and it matches everything! It’s cute and functional!

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What you say @tubamann2 about “… bracelet can really stand out” is most important. Diabetes, and any other condition could easily be missed by EMS Personnel if it is concealed in what appears to be fashion jewelry.

Another important place to have a hidden medical condition available for medical assistance is *the ICE app available on mobile phones. ICE = In Case of Emergency. In this app, which automatically defaults to the first position in “Contacts”, you can have your name and several contact persons listed along with all medical information you want to include. Also on my phone the home screen background is the inscription of my MedicAleart Bracelet with my medical file serial number; I’ve been a member of MedicAlert Foundation for over 50 years and always wear one of their bracelets.

huge thanks to everyone! I’ll definately check all of them out - and hopefully find sth that suits me:))

Road ID offers 2 levels. The first level is just the bracelet which comes in several forms with a few lines of information engraved on a plate. The second level, for a very nominal yearly fee, provides an additional data base for detailed medical information, access to which is provided on the bracelet. Access is by phone or website. You can update the medical information at any time. “Badges” can be added to the bracelet to indicate specific medical issues. I added a badge to mine which says “DIABETIC T1.” I have worn Road ID for several years.

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