Is any progress good progress?

So it’s once again time to go to my Endocrinologist. I dread these appointments in part because I never make as much progress as I want to.

Last time, I had a huge set back with lowing my A1C. This time, my A1C has gone down, but only .9% rather than the 2% I was hoping for.

Is all progress good progress? I know my Endo would like me to be at or under a 7 (and I would too), but I’m not. Idk why I find it so hard to be happy my cholesterol, A1C, and weight have all gone down a bit just because I haven’t reached my goals yet :frowning:

Hi, Amanda @Snicketfan,

To answer your question, IMHO, any progress is “good” progress. And…? Progress is even better if it is part of a measurable “trend.” In the grand scheme of things, “small” steps (progress) that lead to your ideal" are really what you want to achieve.

Much of the most important research that has been done about “lifestyle change” has been in the area of weight loss. Very briefly, that research has demonstrated that “gradual” weight loss (i.e., small steps over time) leads to real long-term benefits, and sustained weight loss. Rapid weight loss, on the other hand, tends to lead to “rebound”; the person is prone to gain back all of the weight they lost and then some.

I think the research about weight loss, or “lifestyle change,” is applicable to diabetes management. I’m convinced that people who work for “gradual” improvement of their diabetes are more likely to achieve long-term success. So, yes, “any progress” is great progress! And it is even better when it is part of a “trend” that develops over time.

Keep it up! You can do this!