Introducing myself

I am a mom of an eight year old diagnosed with Type 1 in July 2010.  He and I are not diagnosed celiac, but we had a naturepath muscle test both of us and we discovered we both had almost all the same intolerances to gluten and dairy.  Within a month or two of switching our diets, I lost over 10 lbs, my son finally got "hungry" and started to eat and put on some healthy weight.  About a year and a half later is when he was diagnosed with diabetes.  He was still a picky eater, and now it just makes it that much more challenging.  I am happy to see there are more and more options that are gluten free in the grocery stores ... eating out is still challenging with my son.  Finding gluten free foods that he likes on a menu or even a fast food place is still a long way off.  Another challenge is that I am recently divorced and my ex is just not on board with the gluten free foods and when my son is with him, he will always eat foods containing gluten, when he returns to me and his week of school, I am left trying to rebalance his digestion and moods.  It is just plain hard sometimes.


Hey, that must be frustrating! My husband is actually the type 1 and our daugther, Deanna (non-diabetic) was muscle tested for gluten intolerance as well. It was the best thing we have ever done for her!!!  She is really affected neurologically by the gluten. We have not been tested but my husband has gone gluten free with her.  I understand how hard it is to find kid friendly GF food - we have found an italian place that actually has gluten free chicken fingers!! She LOVES this!! At this point, we cook GF entirely. I'd love to hear some of his favorite foods????

Hope all is well.