Intermittent fasting

Hello fellow T1D’ers. I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has tried this dieting scheme. It’s where you only eat within an 8 hour window each day, and periodically fast for an entire day. I’m in my first week, and so far so good. No real low BG scares, and the 24 fasting day was not too difficult-primarily due to it being my rest day for workouts. I am doing HIIT routines in the morning before my 8 hour eating window pops up. I normally suspend my Omnipod if my BG is in the normal range, or leave it if its a little high. I then eat right after my workout. I am just wondering if anyone out there is experiencing any issues, or has any advise.

@dmannone, if your basal is correct, you can fast as long as you can take it. I fasted for 3 days no problem (except for when food commercials come on the tele). . Before my appendix surgery… I fasted for 24 hours easy-peasy. My BS is a straight line when I don’t eat anything.

In my opinion, it is very hard to fast with you use long-acting insulin such as Lantus, much easier when your pump basal is right. There are protocols for testing if your basal is right, it involves skipping meals and watching your blood sugar over time. it is explained in the book “Pumping Insulin”


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Hi @dmannone,
If you are using a pump and if you have correctly set your basal rates [that is really your job to do, not a doctor’s] fasting for extended periods is a piece of cake - yes, I do like a good chocolate cake. I periodically validate my pump basal rate settings, to determine if I need to make tweeks, by fasting for at least 18 hours during various times of day and night.

For instance to validate my over night and morning basal rates I will eat a normal dinner at my usual 5:30 PM and not eat again until dinner time the next day - yes, I do a BG Check every few hours to see if any of my nine basal rates need to be adjusted and I carry on during that time with normal activity. I do not need to over eat the day before or the day after. After doing that, I’ll wait a couple of days and eat only lunch for a couple of days - etc.