Insulin syringes as acupuncture devices

Several years ago, if you'd told me I'd be publicly talking about this, I would have thought you were nuts.

As a long term diabetic, I have noticed the gradual changes that have happened to me (well, and the not so gradual ones).  I won't belabor the usual things here.  But one odd one has recently appeared.

When giving myself an injection (predominantly on the left abdomen), I have noticed all sorts of strange sensations.  Sometimes it has been a tingling in other parts of my body (arms, legs), sometimes it is a sharp pain in my back.  One time I was unable to move my left arm (hand was fine). 

It's a bizarre sort of acupuncture; it does seem to only happen with the longer needles.  I am not sure why this has only recently started, and the pain is never bad enough to stop.  I am not too concerned about it, but it is something that is different that I have found very little mention of.

Patient:  well doctor, it hurts when I do this...

Doctor:  stop doing that.

I have smacked nerve endings with longer syringe needles, even sometimes the short ones, and it was not ever fun.  Then you find the areas that don't seem to hurt or bother as much and so you go there more often... then scar tissue..   there isn't anything really fun about this disease... agree?

seriously - if I found a spot that made my arm go dead, i'd consider not using that area anymore.