Insulin Pump Suggestions and CGM

Hi! My insurance won’t cover the Medtronic 670g and know I don’t know what insulin pumps I should be looking at. If anyone could have some suggestions I would really appreciate it! The only experience I have is with an animas and it was good except for the fact that the clip kept breaking. I’m really looking to get a cgm and don’t know where to start with that either… I have my eyes set on Medtronic but if there’s a better option than I’m open to hearing it. Also not sure about omnipod so if anyone has any opinion on that I’m open. I’m only worried it would be heavy and cumbersome i.e. it would get pulled by clothing or be uncomfortable if I ended up laying on it.

Hi Bailey @baichan,
Too bad that your insurance company will not cover the 670G; I looked at that and briefly discussed it suitability for me with the endocrinologist I like its potential.
I suggest, if you have not already done so, ask your healthcare providers suggestions for the most fitting pump and CGM for you and also ask your insurance company representative which pumps and CGM are covered by your plan - use that information along with contributions you receive here from PWD who have had experience with the pumps recommended.
I’ve only used MiniMed Medtronic pumps and none of the pumps I’ve used, although all have been very good for me, the models I’ve used lack features I now feel I want and need - such as auto-suspend. Last time I had to replace a pump, I called a Medtronic rep who pulled all the right moves to get immediate approval from my insurance carrier.

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@baichan HI Bailey,

instead of guessing, why can’t you find out what pump is “formulary” (the one that is best covered). if the insurance company gives you a hard time, then it may be time to play rough like @Dennis . Find the pump you like and have the pump reps get with your doctor to challenge (and then appeal) with your insurance company. they usually give if you push hard enough.

also take a look at t-slim and omnipod. With animas (Johnson & Johnson) out of the game - there aren’t many manufacturers to choose from.

dexcom is the current leader in straight CGM, for this round of cgm generation anyway

good luck

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I am a current user of the Omnipod. To give my honest opinion, after having it for about 2 weeks (15 years old btw), I love the heck out of it. It is so discreet and does not snag on any clothing unless you recklessly put on your clothes without being ginger. In fact, I believe the tubing on ALL other pumps would be what snags on clothes. I feel 0 pain except for the insertion which hurts about as much as a finger prick.


I strongly recommend the Dexcom CGM, it’s amazing and super accurate, good range. My daughter has the latest version that transmits to her phone, which then transmits to my phone and my wife’s. She has a medtronic pump, and we tried the cgm that pairs with it and auto-suspends, and we did not have good luck with it and stopped using it after a few months. In my opinion CGM is more important than a pump for achieving better A1C, the nearly instant feedback, feedback on foods and insulin doses are game-changers, and the peace of mind at night not worrying about undetected lows.

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HI Bailey, You might have better luck getting your insurance company to cover the MiniMed 630G with their CGM. I got this one 5 months ago because my insurance would not cover the 670G either.
I like the pump, but the CGM is not as good as the CGM that works with the 670G. If I had it to do over again I would go with the Omnipod pump and the Dexcom 5 CGM.

Just joined and just going through past convos, I was wondering more about the Omni pod?! I’m talking to my dr Monday about it and am excited to try it out! So you enjoy it?

Yea… It is really nice to have a pump regardless but I like how discreet the omnipod is.

Yea that’s what I was thinking, I’ve put off the idea of a pump for 5 years now, since I was diagnosed, but realized it may be a lot more helpful to have one.

You don’t need an insulin pump but I, and many others, have found a pump - any model or brand - is a great asset in managing our TypeOne diabetes. I resisted starting on a pump for my first 47 years with diabetes.

Some people on here appear to lean toward the more discreet models; here are images of two that I refused - the second one called "Mini-Bionic Pancreas.