Insulin doesn't always work

For those of you that have discovered that your insulin doesn’t always work, you might want to have a ‘Insulin Antibody Test’ done. When I had mine done after discovering that I could not count on my insulin working (after 64 years) I had the test done 6 yrs ago, the scale then was 0-5 , I came in at 52 since then the number has gotten higher. It has been suggested that not all insulins cause this problem and that you just have to find one that you are not allergic too, but in reality I think it is the preservative. Check out M-cresol, not good stuff, but the insulin mfg. say that they can’t use anything else. There has to be something else.

@JaniceD hi Janice,

wow sorry to hear that you are sensitive to insulin. when insulin formulas are tested, there is considerable work done to find adverse reactions and side effects. the formulas approved by the FDA pass very extensive safety assessments before they are allowed to be manufactured. actual allergic reactions to the insulin formulations are rare - but possible.

all preservatives which maintain sterility are kind-of poisons. it’s what it is supposed to do. if you consider what would happen if there was bacteria, yeast, or fungus in your insulin I hope you’d agree that you have to protect it from getting contaminated, somehow.

since you can be allergic to anything… it’s possible to be allergic to insulin, a component or a preservative. I hope you find a good therapy that works for you. good luck