Insulin allergy?

I'm not sure if this is the right group to ask but.. has anyone experienced symptoms of  being almost allergic to insulin?  When i give myself an injection I immediately get a huge welt and a lot of pain.  I had to stop using the pump because it was too painful and I'd get horrible welts when changing my infusion site. 

I currently use lantis and humalog and have a horrible A1C due to this problem (i think)... I'm just curious if anyone has experienced this and if there is anything that can be done?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)



sarah ( has a localized allergy to insulin too. you might consider sending her a message. she is great about giving advice and sharing her experiences. she might be able to help you and tell you what she does to help her allergy. 


good luck! :o)

before three moths a go i have been changed my insulin from human insulin 30-70 to Basel boles, after that i have been urticaria on my whole body and after that i have been treated for the allergy and i also got back to human insulin but even today still i am facing the same problem…

It’s been awhile since the original post…are you still interested in information? I have had diabetes for 27 years and was diagnosed with insulin allergy 2 years ago. I have shown symptoms for about 14 years. I would love to chat with you and others that believe they have an allergy to insulin. The diabetes research center I am working with is looking for more cases too if anyone is interested. Is there some way I can speak with individuals directly?