Infected site story

So my son (4y/o) had his first site infection on Saturday. That'll make you feel like one crappy mother.

He started complaining at lunch time that his site hurt when the insulin delivered and I looked at the site but it didn't look unusual so I told him we were changing his site before his bath and he was OK with that. Well by then, 6 hours later, when I touched the infusion set, he screamed and cried as I took it off and immediately saw puss come out of hole left by the cannula.

Anyway, called the clinic and they just had us put hot packs on it 3 times a day and it looks MUCH better today. Still scary. and frustrating because I am pretty careful to clean his skin with an alcohol prep before I put the site it. But I also learned my lesson that if he is complaining that it hurts, we need to get a different site put in.

So pumpers out there, how often does this happen? I guess I was under the impression that it could get infected if we left a site in more than 3 days, but this was not... hope we don't have recurrences of this!

I was never on a pump as a child, but I didn't get any infections for the three years I was on the pump.  I think everyone is different...How long has he been on the pump?  I had an accident and broke my wrist and was bad about changing my sites, sometimes I would accidentally leave one in for a week, even with that I didn't get infections....  I hope you don't have to deal with it again:)