Back from school trip and an infected pump site.. ugh

so i got back from my school trip to a camp in new hamsphire and my site had been bothering me since last night. no one there had beenhelping me with d-stuff so i knew something was probably up. i had my mom look at my site because whenever i walked it hurt and whenever i touched it, bolused, etc.

my mom had me take it off and shower because it was red swollen, sore, and puss coming out of it. i had to put a new one on and call the doctor on call.

i think it may be b/c of the showers there and that the water in them was dirty.. any thoughts???

ps- it still hurts a lot

I can't quite imagine how even "bad" water could have gotten into your site, unless the adhesive was not sticking properly.  It may have just been a fluke, but who knows!  It will probably still be sore for a little while if infection set in.  Did the doctor prescribe any kind of antibiotic?

the doctor said for now to just put neosporin on it with bandaids.. and if i get a fever we have to call and if it gets worse (which it has) i have to go see my pediatrician tomorrow

my brother has been to the same place and someone who had diabetes when he went there got an infected site when he got bad.. ironic, yes. the water had bacteria in it, so who knows

I dont have a clue about your site, but I live in NH so I was wondering where in NH you went to camp!?

merrowvista ( i think thats it) it was school orientation/leadership training

i have no idea what town it was in!

Infected sites can be a bt of a pain. While it may have been water, it could be any number of reasons as to what may have caused this infection. Depending on how old the site was it may have just been bad timing, it could have been when you last changed infusion sites the area you put the new site into was not 100% clean, even a small piece of dirt can cause an infection. In my course of pumping I have probably run into three infected sites. While it is not fun, the only thing to do is band-aid it and neosporin it.

My last infected site came just a few days ago, I blame myself not the infusion set for the infection. I had my infusion set on my side near my waist in a vertical position. Due to the placement of the site my clothing kept pulling on the site even when I gave the area more slack it still pulled. I think the constant pull is what caused the irritation and infection. It was not comfortable, however I got through it and I know you can as well. Just hang in there as you continue getting used to your pump.