Inch to pinch- infusion sites question

Hey! I do have an inch to pinch, but still frequently have blood and muscle in my Medtronic infusion sets and have to change them. I do not use the same sites over and do rotate. I’ve begun to use spots on my back, but still hit muscle. I’m following the Medtronic infusion guidelines.

Where do y’all, especially skinny minis, have the best luck? is the butt really the best place? I have pretty muscular thighs too. Would it still be ok?

I know everyone is different, but I’d appreciate advice. Thanks!

I had to go with the short sets (6mm) over the standard 9mm.

top of the butt is my favorite. muscle sites get sore faster, but I see no real downside. Insulin absorption is faster at a site with more muscle, compared to a perfect interstitial site over fat.